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Файл Пазителите Колекция (1988 - 1998) / Watchers Collection (1988 - 1998) - DVD-Rip
СВАЛИ Пазителите Колекция (1988 - 1998) / Watchers Collection (1988 - 1998) - DVD-Rip
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' ## Заглавие на Английски: Watchers Collection (1988 - 1998)

## Заглавие на Български: Пазителите Колекция

## Релийз: DVD-Rip

## Жанр: Ужаси; Фантастика

## Режисьор: Jon Hess, Thierry Notz, Jeremy Stanford, John Carl Buechler

## Сценарист: Dean R. Koontz (based on the novel by), Bill Freed

## В ролите: Corey Haim, Michael Ironside, Christopher Cary, Marc Singer, Tracy Scoggins, Jonathan Farwell, Wings Hauser, Gregory Scott Cummins, Daryl Keith Roach, Mark Hamill, Lisa Wilcox, Stephen Macht и други

## Държава:: САЩ; Канада

## Година: 1988 - 1998

## Дължина: 91, 101, 80, 90 минути

## Субтитри: няма субтитри

## Линк към IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096425/

## Резюме: Watchers (1988)

Based on a novel by Dean Koontz. A boy takes in a stray dog, later finding out that its an ultra-intelligent runaway from a genetic research lab. Unknow to him, the dog is being stalked by another escaped creature thats not quite so friendly.

Watchers 2 (1990)

A genetically re-engineered dog develops a psychic link with a monster created in a lab experiment which goes awry.

Watchers 3 (1994)

A top-secret experiment spawns two highly intelligent life-forms: Einstein, a golden retriever with an IQ of 175; and The Outsider, a deformed monstrosity that exists to kill... and avenge its creators. When the Outsider escapes into the jungles of South America, the government sends in some ex-military convicts to catch the beast. But what starts out as a high-speed chase ends up in bloody carnage. Only Einstein knows the Outsider's motives, and only the canine can outsmart the creature. Now, it's a battle of beasts as man's best friend confronts man's worst nightmare.

Watchers 4 Reborn (1998)

An extra-smart dog and detective team up to stop a DNA enhanced killer.

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