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Файл N-Trance - Turn Up The Power (1994) - video
СВАЛИ N-Trance - Turn Up The Power (1994) - video
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' ## Изпълнител: N-Trance

## Заглавие: Turn Up The Power (1994)

## Формат: Друг

## Жанр: Електронна музика

## Дължина: 00:03:56

## Резолюция: 704x576

## Кадрова честота:: 25

## Текст на песента: Strike back !

(Oh, yeah!)

Do you feel the energy inside your body ? (Oh, yeah)
Can you feel the music, oh don't ever lose it (Yeeeeeah)

Turn up the power everybody
Turn up the power (uh uh) and dance with me
Turn up the power everywhere
Turn up the power. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Throw the switch, start it up
I made you move now you come unstuck
You're pullin' the levers, watching them dials
The time has come for the madman's smiles
Activated, generated
Breathin' life in the mind he created
Knockin' you back with a beat you can't stop
Gonna rock, gonna rock 'til you drop
I'm the taker, you're the maker
Like a T-1-K I'm the new terminator
They came down to belong to the sound
Keep the S. L. spin, spinning 'round and around
Another question without an answer
Who created the ultimate dancer
Energy for you to devour.
Yeah, turn up the power

(Oh, yeah)
Do you feel emotion singing with devotion (Oh, yeah)
Can you feel the pressure always gonna getcha (Yeeeeeah)

In demanding, I'm commanding
Once you summer fall lead you understanding
Don't hesitate 'cause I know what you mean
You dance to the rhythm of another machine
Look in my eyes, they hypnotize
A logical brain the lives and never lies
Made by man, destroyed by the enemy
Is it a vision of high technology
Heartbeat gettin' faster
Disobey the order of your master
No command you, no heart and soul
Have I lost my grip, am I losing control
Malfunction, mass corruption
All in all, a countdown to destruction
Set your body in a final hour.
Yeah, turn up the power

Do you feel the energy inside your body. Oh, yeah
Can you feel the music, oh don't ever lose it. Oh, yeah
Do you feel emotion singing with devotion. Oh, yeah
Can you feel the pressure, always gonna getcha. Yeah

## Информация за изпълнителя: N-Trance (/ˈɛntrɑːns/) are a British electronic music group who were formed by Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth in 1991. The group is known for their European hit songs "Set You Free" and "Electronic Pleasure", and their covers of the 1970s disco songs "Stayin' Alive", "D.I.S.C.O.", "Shake Ya Body , and "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?". They had 14 charting singles in the UK during 1994–2004.[2]

## Друга информация: Исполнитель|Artist: N-Trance
Видеоклип|Videoclip: Turn Up The Power
Год выхода|Year: 1994
Жанр|Genre: Electronic
Формат|Format: VOB

Видео|Video: 704x576,4:3,25fps,4400kbps
Аудио|Audio: 48000Hz,PCM,1536kbps,2Ch
Продолжительность|Duration: 00:03:56
Размер|Size: 170mbN-Trance: Turn Up The Power ... Turn Up The Power is a brilliant Eurodance track that still manages to retain a UK personality. The main synth riff is so good that the Italian act Jinny (U.S.U.R.A.) ripped it off wholesale for 1995's "Wanna Be With You". Rachel McFarlane's vocals hold power and drive the track along with ease.

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