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Файл JPEG Imager
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## Заглавие: JPEG Imager

## Официален сайт: http://www.v-methods.com

## Системни изисквания: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

## Какво е нужно за инсталиране: Пач

## Начин на инсталация: *
* Стартирате сетъпа и инсталирайте в папка по избор.
* Използвайте пача, за да си кракнете програмата.

## Друга информация:

JPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor. It provides a real-time preview of a compressed image and handy means to compare it with original one. You can fiddle with various compression parameters and observe the effect of changes almost instantly. You can also specify a desired file size and let the program select the proper value of the quality parameter automatically. In short, JPEG Imager is perfect for Quality vs. File Size optimization. It may prove to be very useful if you need to optimize your images for publishing in the Web. Speaking about other features, JPEG Imager includes a set of basic image manipulation and enhancing operations such as Resample (resize), Crop, Rotation, Gamma correction, Levels adjustment and so on. There is also a cleaning tool for noise removing and, of course, the TWAIN support for image acquisition from scanners and digital cams. Working with JPEG Imager you can acquire, enhance and optimize your images not having to use any other programs. Besides, JPEG Imager has a simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.


• Fast interactive compression to JPEG, PNG or GIF files.
• Real-time preview of compressed image.
• Various compression controls.
• Synchronized Side By Side view.
• Handy tools for image scrolling and zooming.
• Basic image manipulation and enhancing operations.
° Resampling (resizing), cropping
° Rotation/Flipping
° Brightness, Contrast, Gamma correction
° Levels adjustment
° Color balance, Tones adjustment
° Negative, Conversion to Grayscale
° Convolution filters (Sharpen, Blur)
° Cleaning (noise reduction)
• Image acquisition from scanners or digital cameras via TWAIN.
• Simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.

JPEG Compressor
• High compression ratio with good picture quality.
• Separate quality controls for luminance and chrominance.
• Flexible setup of color components subsampling.
• Progressive mode supported (greatly improved since v1.01).
• Selective extra-compression mode.
• Fit to file size feature - automatic quality adjustment.
• Optional retention of application specific data (such as EXIF) in APP1-15 marker segments.
• The ability to edit or automatically replace embedded JPEG file comment.
• Optional insertion of Restart Markers (integrity marks).

• A brand new Crop tool:
-- allows you to adjust the edges of an area to be cropped by dragging them with the mouse;
-- darkens the area outside of the selection, so you can see how cropping will affect the composition of the picture;
-- you can optionally constrain the aspect ratio of the selected area (16:9, 4:3, 5:7 etc).
• Added customizable menu with preset image sizes in the Resize tool.
• Added new zoom levels with a factor of 1.41 (square root of 2).
• Added the option of auto zoom. When you load an image it is automatically scaled to fit the window size. You can choose to fit the width, height, or both.
• You can bind the selected auto-fitting zoom mode to middle button click (mouse wheel click).
• Now the default setting for new installations is to use bicubic interpolation when displaying scaled-down images (zoom out). In order to improve display speed of the viewer some functions have been rewritten using the SSE2 instruction set.
• The Text tool now lets you drag the text with your mouse.
• Fixed rare AV bug when rendering text outside image borders.
• A number of small changes in the Full Screen view to make it more consistent with windowed mode (shortcut keys, synchronized zoom and scroll position).

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